Master Degree Requirements


Master Degree Requirements – For more than 40 years, Georgia Tech Professional Education has been offering online education programs to career-oriented adults around the world. Based on Georgia Tech’s robust on-campus programs, 10 online master’s degrees and three professional master’s degrees are designed to provide STEM and leadership skills to help you think in your own direction. A sought-after certificate from a world-renowned university is a plus; You can also withdraw:

Georgia Tech’s graduate program consistently ranks in the top ten. The proven efficiency and convenience of Georgia Tech’s online graduate degree programs make them attractive to working professionals.

Master Degree Requirements

Master Degree Requirements

Our online master’s programs give you the flexibility to study where you want, when you want. Each course is as rigorous as its on-campus equivalent, allowing you to develop real-world knowledge and skills that will seamlessly advance your career.

Professional Degree Vs. Academic Degree: What’s The Difference?

When participating in our distance learning programs; You’ll gain a wealth of technology and industry knowledge while building a network that includes Georgia Tech faculty and industry experts. A media-rich, collaborative learning environment allows you to interact with your classmates and teachers. online lectures; video, Chat Rooms and more will also be available 24/7.

After completing their online degree, many students travel to Atlanta for events where they can meet their teachers and professors in person.

Thanks to GT, these graduate programs allow working professionals to earn Georgia Tech degrees while working full-time. You will receive a level of academic excellence befitting a top-ranked technology and engineering university.

You’ll learn in a convenient format that combines online learning with face-to-face instruction. This integrated approach requires only a one-week visit to Georgia Tech’s main campus in Atlanta. You will receive the remainder of your two-year education through pre-recorded lectures and real-time web conference sessions.

Counseling Master’s Degree

Each program consists of 10 courses. Focusing on one class at a time, you’ll focus on a capstone course that forces you to apply what you’ve learned to solving a real production problem.

Georgia Tech is a top-ranked and internationally recognized institution. “If I go back to school, I want to study from the best institution,” he said.

“I know my career options are limited and I need better tools to use my skills. Now we can bridge the gap between customers and engineering teams for real impact.”

Master Degree Requirements

“Classmates motivate us to succeed. It’s on the web that motivates you to do more. It encourages you to keep learning. “

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“The best thing about this degree program is learning and applying it. We do activities and projects in every course.”

What is it Who cares? Interested in graduate school at Georgia Tech but not sure which program is right for you? Our comparison chart lets you explore the options and requirements associated with an online degree to help you decide which one is right for you.

The Institute is approved by the State of Georgia to participate in the State Accreditation Agreement for NC-SARA (NC-SARA).

NC-SARA, a voluntary regional approach to state oversight of postsecondary education. National Authorization Bilateral Agreement (SARA) is an agreement between member states; An agreement between provinces and territories that establishes national benchmarks for the provision of intermediate education courses and programs. Other states are designed to make it easier for elementary and middle school students. SARA is overseen by a national board and administered by four regional education details.

What Is A Master’s Degree?

The Georgia Tech Veterans Resource Center supports student learning and development and offers a wide range of support services that enhance the academic year experience. members of the military service; Provides diploma completion support and scholarships for Guard members. For more information, visit the Georgia Tech Veterans Resource Center website. Master of Science in Real Estate Development (MSRED) students must complete a set of required core courses and earn a certain number of credits to fulfill degree requirements.

To obtain a degree; MSRED students must maintain a 4.0 out of 5.0 GPA, complete six core courses, and defend a thesis. In addition, students must choose a total of six to eight courses during their tenure at MIT.

Students may choose from a variety of elective and seminar courses at MIT/Harvard through the MIT/Harvard Enrollment Program.

Master Degree Requirements

Students must take at least 24 units from the elective course list. At least six of these 24 units must be taken in the fall and spring semesters. The remaining units can be completed through seminars and electives, as well as courses at MIT.

Programs And Degrees

International students may be required to study English during their first semester at MIT. Please be aware of the Real Estate Center’s MSRED EET Policy.

Fall Semester Elective List * A minimum of six units of the following courses must be taken in the Fall Semester.

Spring Semester Elective List * A minimum of six units of the following courses must be taken in the Spring Semester.

Above course is letter grade. A P/F cannot be obtained unless the course itself is prepared as such.

Admission: Juris Master

In addition to the above courses, the Real Estate Center offers special content courses focused on various topics.

The thesis allows students to synthesize and apply the knowledge gained in the course in a substantial written report equivalent to their full academic load.

Students may choose to collaborate or develop their own topic on research projects currently being conducted by professors or proposed by industry. Students must be registered while working on their thesis.

Master Degree Requirements

The thesis seminar (course 11.499) is a capstone course offered each spring. The thesis workshop describes the faculty’s research interests and explains quantitative and qualitative research methods to help students explore potential thesis topics. Student papers and work plans are due by the end of the spring semester.

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Interviews; statistical analysis; Dissertation research and thesis writing, including project evaluation and literature review, may be completed in the summer or fall semester.

MSRED students can hone their knowledge and skills through on-the-job experience. Students count internship requirements toward degree requirements (Fieldwork 11.929). The internship is usually undertaken by students who complete a 16-month program during the summer term. Students must submit a written summary and an internship evaluation to participate in this field study.

A student who wishes to supplement the MSRED with another MIT graduate program may apply for two degrees to complete degree requirements in each department or school for which he has been accepted. Learn more about the two-level questionnaire.

DUSP provides guidance and support to doctoral students with a focus on real estate studies. The DUSP program is tailored to the needs of individual students, each working closely with a personalized ecosystem of professionals. Learn more about PhD programs.

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