Best Universities For Political Science


Best Universities For Political Science – Earning a degree in political science is a good investment in your future, as it is a versatile field with many possible career paths. Just make sure you choose your university wisely so that you don’t go broke while studying. Studying political science opens the door to many possible jobs, but it […]

Earning a degree in political science is a good investment in your future, as it is a versatile field with many possible career paths. Just make sure you choose your university wisely so that you don’t go broke while studying.

Best Universities For Political Science

Best Universities For Political Science

Studying political science opens the doors to many potential jobs, but it can also add a mountain of debt. On average, a political science (also known as “poli-sci”) degree in the United States costs $37,000 to $48,000 in annual tuition alone. This will include living expenses and book expenses.

Is Political Science A Hard Degree? Benefits, Cons & Job Opportunities

In the UK, there are universities that charge tuition fees of up to £18,000 per year, which is almost US$24,000. All of these things may make you question whether a political science degree is right for you.

Well, here’s a little secret: Yes, it’s worth it, but not all schools are created equal. Some universities definitely offer better value than others.

So which schools? And why should we study political science in the first place? What Fields Are There Job Opportunities for Political Science Majors?

While studying political science, you will research and analyze fundamental issues that affect the way the world works, such as international trade, government policies and laws, the economy and globalization. Political science examines every aspect that affects the welfare of nations, such as education and health systems and general employment conditions. This is a great diploma for people who are curious about the world and current events.

About Columbia Political Science

U.S. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the salary for a political scientist in the United States ranged from approximately $47,000 to $162,000 in 2015. This includes entry-level political science jobs and positions requiring a master’s degree.

Studying political science is the first step if you dream of entering politics. Entry-level jobs in government include being an assistant lobbyist or political campaign staff, then moving up to political campaign manager or lobbyist. According to BLS data, the median income for lobbyists in 2016 was more than $66,000.

Other possible jobs in political science right out of college include becoming a teacher, journalist, or public relations specialist. According to the BLS, elementary school teachers earned a median salary of about $55,000 in 2015. Journalists’ salaries ranged from $21,000 to $81,000 in the same year. Public relations specialists earned an average of $57,000.

Best Universities For Political Science

Additional career options include starting a business as political science graduates often have excellent communication skills and a deep understanding of economics. A legal career is also possible, although continuing to study law is necessary to become a lawyer.

Study Political Science Abroad

Keep in mind that these salary figures are only rough estimates of what you can earn with a political science degree. They only refer to jobs in the United States, so salaries elsewhere may be lower or higher depending on the country’s economy.

Studying at university is always a big financial investment, luckily there are plenty of opportunities when it comes to a political science degree. Here are our top picks.

It is a vibrant institution of 30,000 students located in the famous Silicon Valley of Northern California. San Jose State University (SJSU) was founded in 1857 and is ranked among the top 200 universities in America. Given this fact, SJSU’s political science program is a bargain at $16,306 per year.

Apart from other subjects, the course includes lectures on political philosophy and theory, political parties and interest groups, and politics in different countries. This international approach makes SJSU particularly suitable for international students.

Oxford Is The World’s Best University. This Is How The Rest Of Europe Shapes Up

Another great US-based option is Western State Colorado University (WSCU), located in the small town of Gunnison, Colorado. The school has approximately 2,500 students representing 15 different countries.

Four polyscience degrees can be earned. There is a basic option called “Politics and Government”, but the most international option is a program called “Politics and Government: Global Studies”. It is ideal for students interested in human rights issues and people’s social movements. A year at WSCU costs $18,096, which means you pay about half of what you would pay for college in the United States.

Affordable political science programs can also be found just north of the US border in Canada. Carleton University’s political science degree costs $24,000 CAD, which is about 18,600 US dollars. Carleton students have the added advantage of being a university in Canada’s capital, Ottawa. This means students get intimate knowledge of national and international politics.

Best Universities For Political Science

The political science program of the university is very comprehensive. It includes research on international relations, democratic transitions, globalization and the culture of politics. Carleton also has a graduate program in Global Politics, which may be of interest to students interested in working for the United Nations or international NGOs. He focuses on the politics of war and peace, ethnic conflict, and environmental issues.

University Of Amsterdam

One way to save on tuition costs is to study on the old continent: a political science program at Middlesex University in north London costs just $11,500 a year. The Times’ Good University Guide 2017 ranked Middlesex as the best modern university in London. Boasting 145 different student nationalities, it is one of the most diverse institutions in the world.

The university’s multi-science program focuses on the study of political organization and philosophy, comparative government, public opinion, and the politics of specific countries.

If you really want to study political science, the centrally located London South Bank University (LSBU) is the place for you. Tuition fees are slightly higher than Middlesex at £12,900, which translates to about US$17,200. However, the Sunday Times League Table 2016 ranked LSBU as the best modern university in London for its university career prospects and top level postgraduate degrees. salary

LSBU offers a degree in Politics, which examines the major political issues affecting today’s global community. The program combines political science and theory as well as international relations.

Best Colleges For Political Science

Mirva Lempiäinen is a Finnish freelance journalist trained in the United States. After nearly a decade of calling New York City home, he now lives on the French-Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. News & World Report has once again ranked the University of California, San Diego’s graduate schools and programs among the nation’s best. Released today, the 2022 Best Graduate Schools rankings give high marks to undergraduate political science education and the Jacobs School of Engineering, other professional schools and on-campus programs.

Founded in 1974, we are by far the youngest of the best departments in the world: we rank as the #1 program in the world. 7 from the National Research Council, n. 9 by US News and World Report and no. From the London School of Economics and Politics 6. Scientific Sorting.

UC San Diego Political Science has taken its place among our ivy-covered peers, not by following their traditions but by carving our own paths, helping transform our discipline into the study of the political world.

Best Universities For Political Science

We bring that same passion for the non-traditional to our classrooms, where we strive to provide our students with courses on topics they are unfamiliar with, assignments that challenge professional-level work, and research tools they can use to explore. Their knowledge requests

University Rankings By Subject 2021 2022

We offer a general political science major with seven areas of concentration: American politics, comparative politics, data analysis, international relations, political theory, public law, and public policy.

Our full-time doctoral program is consistently recognized as one of the top ten programs in the country. 15-20 new graduate students enter the program each year, spending an average of five years earning their doctorates.

The 2022 Max Planck-Humboldt Research Prize was awarded to Margaret Roberts, a political scientist at the University of California, San Diego. Read the article

APSA Diversity Program Spotlight – Expanding the Doctoral Pipeline: A Summer Research Program for HBCU Students – Now in its fifth year, the program brings graduate students from two historically black colleges and universities to R-1 political science doctoral departments for seven weeks. Summer program, in which they are paired with a faculty mentor to research, create and present an original research project. Read the article QS Rankings 2023, Science Po Nominated in Politics and International Studies: First in the European Union and Third in the World (Credit: Sandrine Gaudin / Sciences Po)

Mphil In Politics (political Theory)

For the fifth consecutive year, Sciences Po is one of the top three international universities in the Politics category, according to the QS Rankings 2023. Sciences Po remains the leading university in the European Union in the subject, a position it has held for 8 years now.

These results confirm the excellence of the courses provided

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