Best Universities For Criminology


Best Universities For Criminology – When you think of Criminal Justice, you might think of dark, gritty prime-time cop dramas, or working in a sterile white-collar forensics lab, or even pounding the pavement. But even the demanding task of maintaining law and order is not complete without beautiful places.

Here is a list of our top 50 criminal justice campuses. School is more than a degree—it’s an experience. You may be into digital forensics, but you may want to keep your time away from refreshing the screen. And if you’re sharing your school experiences on Instagram, you want your background to look its best!

Best Universities For Criminology

Best Universities For Criminology

The methodology we used for this list was a consensus model. Since aesthetics are subjective, we selected schools based on their placement on various “Beautiful Schools” lists and considered them based on landscape features, unique architectural aspects, and geographic location.

Best Colleges For Criminal Justice In Oklahoma

In 2014, Princeton Review ranked Colgate College as the “Most Beautiful Campus” in the US. Located in the small town of Hamilton in Central New York, Colgate features classic architecture, lots of green space, and a beautiful pond front and center.

Colgate offers majors and minors in peace and conflict studies, courses in criminology and race and crime through the department of sociology and pre-law studies.

The University of Washington appears on every “Best Colleges” list. Right in urban Seattle, it overlooks snow-capped mountains and sits on the shores of Lake Washington.

The UW offers a Law, Society and Justice major that will help students understand the role of law in shaping social interaction and concerns about crime and disorder, as well as the importance of human rights in shaping legal institutions.

Best Criminology Schools In The World

Wake Forest is located in beautiful North Carolina. It is close to both mountains to the west and the coast to the east. With landscaped gardens and lush green spaces, it is truly a beautiful campus.

Wake Forest has a sociology program with a focus on crime and criminal justice. They also offer a cyber security certificate.

Evergreen College in Olympia, Washington sits on 1,000 acres of forest and has 3,000 feet of waterfront on Puget Sound, not including the diverse geography of Olympia itself.

Best Universities For Criminology

A beautiful campus for nature lovers and adventurers, Evergreen offers degrees in Law and Public Policy and Law and Government Policy that lead you to careers that help shape policy and positively impact crime rates.

The Most Beautiful Criminal Justice Schools

Stanford University is a quintessential West Coast university. The 8,000-acre campus features tree-lined pathways and lush gardens. The campus even has a beautiful view of the San Francisco Bay.

Stanford has a full law school and also offers: a degree program in forensic psychiatry and law and a graduate certificate in cybersecurity.

The University of Virginia is a World Heritage Site and is located on a suburban campus of more than 1,600 acres. In addition to a beautiful setting, the university focuses on timeless architecture and design while offering a number of programs focused on criminal justice and law.

The University of Virginia School of Law offers degree programs in criminal law and law and public service; The School of Law and Public Policy offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in public policy; and the UA School of Continuing Education offers certificates in cybersecurity.

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Furman University is another one that pops up in just about every “cooler” school. With its water features, Southern charm, and outstanding views comprised of architectural features and manicured green spaces, Furman deserves recognition.

Another registered arboretum, Vassar College, has ecological preserves, green spaces, and landscaped gardens. Many of the buildings on campus were designed by some of the biggest names in architecture.

Scripps is one of the few all-women’s colleges in the United States. It is notable for its Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, which has placed it on the National Register of Historic Places.

Best Universities For Criminology

Scripps has an undergraduate program in psychology that prepares you for a career in social work. They also have a degree program in legal studies.

Criminal Justice Vs. Criminology| University Of Bridgeport

American University is built in Federal style architecture and fits nicely in its hometown. Green spaces and cultivated gardens allow students to relax and enjoy their studies, and the campus is registered as an arboretum.

American University offers a minor in Law and degree programs in Addiction and Addictive Behavior, Forensic Accounting, Law and Society (B.A.), Public Policy (MPP), Law and Law (B.A.), Law and Justice and Criminology (M.S., Ph. D.

The IIT Chicago campus was designed by the master architect and features 20 of his industrial design buildings. It has been named one of the 200 most important architectural collections in the United States.

The IIT School of Applied Technology offers certificates, undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Cyber ​​Security and Network Security and Forensic Medicine. Their Law School also offers JD and LL.M programs.

Criminology And Criminal Justice Spring Newsletter 2020 By Crimdept

The University of Hawaii at Manoa is, as one might expect, located in tropical Honolulu. Including all the obvious scenic views around the school, with a research laboratory built on a coral reef.

Even with all the beautiful scenery surrounding the campus, the University of Hawaii at Mānoa has a law school that has a variety of programs and certificates, including a JD, to help launch your career in law and justice.

Texas A&M is one of the largest colleges in the country. Set in over 5,000 acres, it offers a wide variety of architecture and art to admire.

Best Universities For Criminology

A&M has a number of degree programs for criminal justice students. They have programs in criminology and criminal justice (sociology track), forensics and investigative science, and a law school!

Best Colleges In Florida

The University of Colorado Boulder is beautiful in itself: beautiful buildings with red tile roofs and set with stunning views of the Rocky Mountains in the background. Right in Boulder Valley, it’s perfect for students who love to hike, bike, or snowboard.

CU Boulder offers a degree in sociology with a concentration in criminology. They also have a law school that offers programs in criminal law and public service law.

Northwestern has a variety of architecture, from Gothic to modern industrial, and is spread over nearly 250 acres near Lake Michigan.

Northwestern offers a degree program in forensic psychology as well as a minor in legal studies. They also offer graduate programs, both a law degree and a JD/Ph.D.

Best Criminology Universities In The Uk

Chapel Hill, NC is green, lush and beautiful. The campus has a strong focus on architecture and has many wonderful areas where you can relax or study in peace.

UNC Chapel Hill offers a Master of Professional Science program to help you break into forensic research and development. They also have a law school with criminal law programs.

In their words: “First-time visitors are struck by the beauty of our campus, and many say it looks like a bucolic New England college with its stately elms, pleasant lawns, Georgian-style buildings, and bountiful spring. bright autumn flowers and leaves.”

Best Universities For Criminology

Brooklyn College offers a minor in Criminal Justice, and while they do not specifically offer a specialization in Forensic Science, they do have a Chemistry track that can be paired with a Criminal Justice minor to set you on a path to worked in forensic medicine.

Your Guide To The Best Colleges For Criminal Justice

Hamilton has a 1,350-acre campus in idyllic downtown New York. This hilltop campus overlooks the charming countryside of Hamilton, NY and features a botanical garden connected to miles of groomed hiking trails in secluded woodlands.

Hamilton College offers a Jurisprudence, Law and Justice Studies Program that provides students with the tools to understand and apply knowledge of the law and civic engagement as it applies to a variety of professions, including criminal justice.

Union College is located in central New York City in downtown Schenectady. The 100 hectare site with a rich architectural tradition also contains 8 hectares of formal gardens and woodland.

The Union has courses in forensic chemistry. They also offer a Law and Public Policy program in conjunction with Albany Law School.

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Georgetown University is located on the Potomac River overlooking beautiful Northern Virginia and employs several schools of architecture. Notably, Georgetown was ranked as the second best college town in the US.

Georgetown University offers Criminology and Social Justice courses within its Sociology program. They also offer a degree program in Forensic Accounting and a Law School.

California Baptist University features beautiful West Coast architecture in the Mission Revival style. Coupled with natural beauty just minutes from the coast, CBU offers a little paradise for students.

Best Universities For Criminology

California Baptist University has degrees in criminal and juvenile justice, as well as a master’s program in forensic psychology.

Best Bachelor’s In Criminology Degree Programs

With its Burns Tower, beautiful architecture and abundance of gardens and green spaces, it has been used in several notable films: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and more.

Kenyon College has a beautiful 1,000-acre campus, including a 480-acre nature preserve. According to their website, “Timeless beauty resides here…Century stone and elegant contemporary glass harmonize on a campus that many consider to be one of the most beautiful in the country.”

Cornell University is in Ithaca, NY – a city of timeless and classic beauty. The school is located on Cayuga Lake, in the heart of the Finger Lakes region. Amazing gardens, nearby state parks, waterfalls and beautiful scenery

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