Best Universities For Anthropology


Best Universities For Anthropology – Explore the secrets of the past to discover the present and the future with one of the best online bachelor’s degrees in anthropology.

Anthropology is difficult to describe in one sentence, because anthropology studies everything! Seriously, think about what makes us human. Where did we come from? How do we live? How do other cultures live? Where are the similarities and differences? “Anthropology is a broad, holistic field that seeks to understand people from the earliest times to the present day,” perhaps our high school said it best. (UF)

Best Universities For Anthropology

Best Universities For Anthropology

Through an online bachelor’s degree in anthropology, you will study people and cultures from the past to the present to fully understand and appreciate diversity.

Best Universities For Anthropology In The World (2022)

A bachelor’s in anthropology covers topics involving people and cultures from ancient times to the present day, so basically anything you can imagine. Still confused? Some undergraduate programs allow you to choose a concentration in cultural, legal, or biological anthropology (just one example; there are more!), while other programs provide a good background in general anthropology.

On average, an online bachelor’s degree in anthropology devotes 120 credit hours, approximately 36 credits, to core courses. Sample courses include Foundations of Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology in the Modern World, and Anthropology in the Modern World. The rest of the courses are optional and be prepared to have some fun. Seriously, check out our episode #7 (ASU, we’re rooting for you)!

The best part about online anthropology programs is the flexibility. You can enroll full-time or part-time and complete your course according to your schedule. However, you won’t miss out because our schools in this range offer a unique anthropology program. You can also take courses on campus because you will feel part of a supported and cohesive community.

You may wonder if anthropology careers are on the rise. Well, good news: they are. The BLS reports that anthropologists and archaeologists are growing at an average rate of 5%. Anthropologists and archaeologists are common career paths that study cultures, languages, peoples, and archaeological remains around the world. Most positions require a master’s degree, but a bachelor’s degree will get you started.

Prospective Graduate Students

Other career options are archivists, staff or museum workers. These professionals oversee historic collections as they prepare and preserve them for the public. You may be interested in becoming a geographer or historian. Both of these careers can be obtained with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology. If you want to tell others about the rich subject of anthropology, you can become a high school or college teacher.

A major benefit of earning an anthropology degree is that you develop critical thinking, analytical, and research skills that are attractive (and necessary) to future employers. Although in some cases you may need to advance your education with a master’s degree, you can build a meaningful career in anthropology with a bachelor’s degree.

As with most fields, the salary potential for those with an anthropology degree varies by job, experience, education, and location. The good news is that you can earn a great salary in this field, which has room for growth.

Best Universities For Anthropology

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, anthropologists and archaeologists earn an average of $63,670 per year. The top 10 percent earn more than $97,950, and the bottom 10 percent earn less than $39,460. Development earns less, about $55,950 a year.

Best Colleges For Anthropology

Archivists, curators and museum staff earn an average of $49,850 a year, with the top 10 percent earning more than $87,760 and the bottom 10 percent earning $28,330. Geographers earn $81,540 a year, which is the highest salary. $113,140 and the minimum income is less than $52,280.

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Join a nation of more than 400,000 Florida Gators through UF Online, a dynamic, unique online community offering the best academic programs to students around the world. Ranked #3 in Best Online Bachelor’s Programs

UF’s top Bachelor of Arts degree in anthropology provides a strong anthropological background while opening career opportunities “in government, private business, community organizations, education, health care organizations, research institutions, and the media” (UF program page). You can choose a field in cultural anthropology, archaeology, or biological anthropology and linguistics, or follow an interdisciplinary track. You will complete at least 34 of the 120 credit hours in anthropology courses.

Department Of Anthropology

Through this program, you will develop critical thinking, research, data management and collaboration skills, paving the way for many anthropology careers. You can earn your degree by enrolling full-time or part-time. Check admission details here.

From the bustling city of Orlando, the University of Central Florida is also full of opportunities. More than 72,000 students call UCF home, and with more than 230 degree programs in 13 colleges, it’s no wonder! UCF Online offers an advanced Bachelor of Arts in anthropology that will “cover all of human history!” (UCF program page).

With UCF’s bachelor’s degree in anthropology, you can focus on archaeology, cultural anthropology, linguistics, or physical anthropology. You’ll gain an understanding of languages, religions and cultures around the world while arming yourself with research and fieldwork skills. Important courses include Human Species, Archeology and the Rise of Human Culture, and History of Anthropological Thought.

Best Universities For Anthropology

Whether you want to pursue an exciting career or graduate school after graduation, the UCF BA in Anthropology will get you there. Watch this video from the UCF anthropology department to find out if this program is right for you. View application details and apply online here.

Anthropology M.a. & Ph.d.

). Through FIU Online, you can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology and anthropology through anthropology.

FIU’s combined anthropology/sociology program provides an in-depth global perspective on culture and language. You’ll gain “research skills to decipher simple, traditional, and unindustrialized societies,” and you’ll be able to delve into the past to reconstruct cultures, both literally and figuratively! Of the required 120 credit hours, you will take core courses in World Ethnography, Research Methods, Anthropological Theories, and Social Theory. This online program is rigorous, yet flexible and supportive.

As a student, you’ll be paired with a success coach and part of a dynamic online community of friends and dedicated faculty. Interested in FIU? You can apply online in just 20-30 minutes. Even better: applications are accepted for the fall, spring, and summer semesters, so join the FIU community any time of the year.

When it comes to online education, many colleges pale in comparison to Oregon State University. Oregon State Ecampus is one of the top online universities in the country, currently ranked #4.

A Beginner’s Guide To The 4 Fields Of Anthropology

. OSU offers a Bachelor of Arts or Science in anthropology, ideal for “those who care about people and are interested in answering big questions about what makes us human” (OSU program page).

The OSU program requires a minimum of 180 quarter credits and offers four areas of concentration: archaeology, bioculture, cultural/linguistic, and general anthropology. The major option includes an additional 12 credits of site-based field experience. Experiential learning? Yes, please! You can also choose to enhance your degree from a long list of minors or undergraduate certificates.

Sample course topics include human evolution, global conflict, wealth and poverty, the biological and cultural structures of race, North America after the Ice Age, and more. includes! OSU takes a holistic approach to the admissions process and looks at a number of things, including final grades, class rank, personal statement, essay responses, and test scores (although test scores are optional).

Best Universities For Anthropology

Online learning, well, when it’s just learning! Students would watch VHS tapes (who remembers those?), complete assignments, and (burn) their professors. A lot has changed in 50 years, but CSU has always been at the forefront of online learning! CSU and CSU Online share the same faculty, academic standards, and training.

Most Conservative Colleges In America

Through CSU Online, you can earn a bachelor’s degree in anthropology with a curriculum based on cultural relativism. In particular, you will learn how to understand other cultures without letting your experience influence your understanding. This 120 credit program includes required courses such as History of Anthropological Thought, North American Archeology and Human Ecology. In addition, online students have the option of adding any minor degree, from agricultural business or gerontology to creative writing or media studies.

This program may be online, but it is very interactive. Some of your learning experiences include videos, readings, research, online discussions, group projects, and labs. Check application details at CSU Online here.

Founded in 1187, Troy University, also known as TROY, is known for offering a high-quality, affordable education both on campus and online. In fact, it has been TROY for 15 years

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